How to enlarge penis effectively?

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that one of the most common complexes among men is a penis complex.

Where does it come from? Do men who think that their penis is too small or unattractive really have any reason to believe so? It is hard to say, but it is safe to assume that a huge percentage of men are exaggerating, because their member is not at all different from the average in terms of length or thickness. However it is easier to say that, than to convince men that it really is so and that they do not have to be ashamed of their penis neither in front of themselves, nor their partner. Complexes are something that accompanies each and every one of us, and that goes back to our early youth. When we enter puberty we become extremely sensitive about every pimple and every imperfection of our body, and with time it only gets worse and worse... Although men often have an imaginary small penis complex, ladies are no better - too small breasts, incomplete lips or flat buttocks are the top three women's complexes. However, ladies have certain tricks to deceive the world and, in a way, themselves, to be able to feel better at least for a while and forget about the defects that do not let them sleep at night. Men do not have it so good. They also attach importance to their appearance, the way they present themselves on a daily basis, but what can be particularly stuck in their minds are often comments made by sexual partners about their penis. These don't have to be ridiculing words - in fact, they don't have to have any subtext, and they don't have to describe the penis itself! However, if a man ever hears that something "could be better", or that his partner did not have the pleasure of experiencing orgasm after a sexual encounter, he may take this fact very much to heart. How does this end? Most often, he thinks about his problem for twenty-four hours a day and looks for ways to solve it. And yet no one explicitly said that it is the fault of a small penis, right? But there's nothing you can do about a man's ego that can't handle even the slightest hint of a problem in bed. Men have no distance in this subject to themselves, their partner and the games they play together. However they always blame themselves the most. In the end they are the males and they should control the situation, i.e. make sure that the partner experiences true pleasure during intercourse - and preferably more than once. In fact, sometimes it happens that a woman is very satisfied and loves the sexual life she has with her man. But if for some reason he himself has come to the conclusion that he is a poor lover and his member leaves a lot to be desired, then that is a tough nut to crack.

We cannot imagine how many men around the world are plagued by the problem of a small penis.

They feel less masculine and don't even allow themselves the possibility that they can call themselves real men since they are not as blessed by nature as the actors they admire in pornographic films. What they fail to take into account is that these actors are the very reason why they are making a dizzying career in the adult film industry, because they have realized that they are the lucky ones who can boast of really exceptionally large penises. The size of their members is not a standard, but rather an exception to the rule that most men on the planet fit into. It's also important not to forget that pornographic films are shot in a specific way. They are supposed to show, to exaggerate certain things, and in fact. On the set no one thinks about pleasure, but rather about doing well and making the best film possible. The average male viewer doesn't know that. He thinks that if the hero of an erotic film has such a huge penis and thanks to it can satisfy his partner in various ways, then he should have such a big one, too. This could not be further from the truth. However, considering that these arguments will only convince a small percentage of men, one should wonder if there is a way for men to stop being jealous of other men's gigantic penises and to become owners of such monstrous penises themselves? Is there a proven way to do this? Let's try to look into it and discover if penis enlargement is possible.

Every day millions of men think about how to enlarge their penis and at the same time how to do it quickly, painlessly and relatively cheaply. It is very easy to find the right solution to this problem. It is difficult, however, to have a prescription for something that is simply not possible. At this point, many men may become indignant and start asking: "after all, are there pills for penis enlargement?". This is a good point. However, such pills can in no way increase the size of the male penis. Some men are probably already aware of this, some will groan in disappointment, but that's the way things are. No penis enlargement pills, supplements, ointments or creams work and probably never will. Why? It is very simple. Nobody has yet invented such a drug, which taking in the form of a pill or spreading on the skin in the form of a cream, could - in any, even the smallest, degree - influence the size of a given body part. Until someone, indeed, invents such a "miracle remedy", there is no reason to delude oneself that preparations from advertisements will help. There is no denying that such specifics are promoted very strongly in advertisements, however behind the proud-sounding slogans there is nothing. No pills will suddenly lengthen the penis by a dozen or so centimeters, make it twice as thick or do anything similar. The same goes for ointments and gels. Therefore spending money on such overrated products is completely pointless, the more so because they can very quickly deplete your wallet. Better not to get your hopes up, because this option will certainly not bring the desired results.

But what about the other options? Are they able to make the member bigger and more appealing?

It is important to note that something like a sudden growth of the penis, its enlargement or thickening, does not occur naturally in nature. The male penis grows and develops until the age of twenty, sometimes twenty one, and so until the time when a man reaches full physical maturity. Until then, anything can happen and even a small penis can grow significantly in a few months. However, when a man stops growing, his member also stops growing. This seems perfectly logical, doesn't it? Many men, however, refuse to accept this and try at all costs to find that one and only way that will help them add at least a few centimeters to the length or girth of their penis, or even better, if they could break the bank and gain both length and thickness. From a physiological point of view, this is not possible. Moreover, even no special exercises or massages will bring the expected effect, even if they were conducted for months. There are men who think that thanks to regular masturbation and other activities, examples of which can be found in a few minutes on the Internet, they will undoubtedly manage to lengthen their penis. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that frequent masturbation and other exercises using your hands or various devices could actually enlarge the penis. Since the penis gets its final size at a certain age, it is rather wishful thinking to think that working with your hands, pumps and other such gadgets can really help. Such pleasurable games may, of course, have their positive consequences, e.g. better knowledge of one's own body, results later in better quality of intimate life.

So it's worth experimenting if only for that reason, but you can't count on, gentlemen, that such behavior changes anything in the appearance of your penis.

Could this mean that there is no effective way to effectively and permanently enlarge a man's penis?

Not necessarily. There is one, quite expensive way that actually brings immediate results. We are talking about a surgical operation, although it would be better to call this procedure a plastic surgery, thus improving the appearance of the penis. If you decide on this solution, however, you have to prepare yourself for considerable expenses, some pain and... Unstable effects. However, let's start from the beginning. To qualify for the procedure at all, you first need to visit a doctor. Only a real professional will be able to objectively answer the question, whether the penis, about which the man has complexes, really deviates in some way from the norm and is smaller than others. Who will know this better than a doctor, who has seen thousands, if not tens of thousands of penises in his life? If, according to the doctor, there are no reasons to carry out the surgery, then there is nothing else left, but to close the topic and get used to the idea that the world does not end with the penis. However, if something can be achieved with the procedure, then certainly a doctor with many years of experience will not hide it from a desperate patient. There are cases in which really small penises can be enlarged by a few centimeters during injection, so not all is lost for those who cannot boast of a member of even average length. The procedure itself is quite simple and does not carry any risks to the patient's health or life. As we already know, it is more of a beautifying procedure than a real interference in the male body. During such surgery fat is taken from the patient (most often it is abdominal fat), which is later injected into the penis. The effects are visible immediately after the procedure. However, there is no denying the fact that they may persist for only a few months up to several years. It depends on the body of a particular man, because every body is different and every body reacts differently. So, while one man will be preparing money for a repeat procedure after six months, another man will be enjoying his "new", or enlarged, member for a few more years. There is no rule for this, so you should think very deeply about whether you should even consider "going under the knife". Wealthier men will probably not hesitate too long, but after all, it is not just a question of money.

The penis is undoubtedly an extremely exciting part of the male body for women. But remember, gentlemen, that it is not the one that constitutes your "self", and does not define your sex life at all. He can only do that if you let him. So instead of devising new ways to enlarge your penis (which we know won't work anyway), try to simply... Accept it. That's it and that's it. Of course, this is much easier said than done, but if you don't try to like your own penis, you'll never know if it was possible. And in many cases, it really is doable! Don't let your ego trick you into thinking that you aren't one hundred percent male if your member isn't over twenty centimeters long and doesn't satisfy another woman every night. Such thinking is a horrible trap into which more and more men nowadays fall, caught not only in the gaze of porn actors, but also celebrities living in villas with swimming pools and surrounding themselves with a garland of women always willing to play. This is not a real image of the world - just as the perception of your penis is not real. It is only a part of the body, like a leg or ears. So why do you allow it to completely dominate your thoughts and make you feel bad about yourself? Let go of the constant pressure and just live.

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